The majority of prospective property purchasers and tenants will use a traditional estate agent. A very small minority choose to employ an independent search agent. Find and Build was established to redress this imbalance. In our opinion, we are neither a luxury nor the preserve of the rich and famous. We are, rather, a necessity.

Uncompromised by the interests of having to sell a property, we believe that our efforts, which are focussed entirely on the prospective buyer or tenant, save our clients time, stress and money.

Our fee is structured as follows:

Registration fee £500 (refunded against the final fee)
Final fee for purchases either 25% of the saving negotiated off the asking price, or 1% of the purchase price, whichever is the greater
Flat fee for rentals 50% of one month’s rent

Please be advised that the minimum final fee is £2,500. This, of course, includes the registration fee.